Granulated cork images showing size comparison

Maryland Cork Co. is the only producer of granulated cork in the United States and has been in business since 1947. Our standard granulated cork sizes are:

1/2-1 1/2-4 3/8
10/20 8/12 6/12
14/30 20/40 40/80
80/0 200/0 120/200


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We will work with you to develop a product that will meet your needs. We will grind and screen to your specifications. We granulate cork in a size range from one inch to cork dust or to cork powder as small as under 200 mesh. We regularly sell all over the world. We have many customers that buy only 25 pounds of granulated cork and also many that buy 20,000 pound truckloads! Please don’t hesitate to call for free samples. Since the product is produced in The United States, we can usually deliver immediately. Some of our raw material is re-cycled wine corks that are collected as a fund raiser for groups like the Girl Scouts. We are glad to buy all that we can get! Used wine corks can be used again!


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