Granulated Cork and Cork Products

Maryland Cork Co., Inc.

Triumph Industrial Park

P.O. Box 126

Elkton, Maryland 21922

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Phone: (800) 662 2675
Phone: (410) 398 2955
Fax: (410) 392 9433

Business hours:
Monday-Thursday 8:00am to 4:00pm EST.

We sell cork nationally and internationally. Normally the cork is shipped through UPS. The total cost of a shipment includes: the cost of cork; the cost of box/packaging; and the cost of UPS shipping. Please inquire about the total cost.


Maryland Cork Company was founded in 1947 and is the only granulated cork producer in the United States.


Granulated cork is used for:


The space shuttle Glass mold release Cork insulation tape
Bulletin boards Shoe soles Battery mold release
Engine gaskets Cork insulation Duck decoys
Virgin cork Expansion joints Composition cork
Grinding wheels Movie special effects Wine filters
Cork shoe filler Theatrical dirt Abrasives


Maryland Cork Co. also distributes:
Insulation cork, Virgin cork, and Composition cork.

Cork is tan, but also very green

Cork is the bark of the cork oak tree. This tree produces a layer of cork every 9 years, so taking the bark off does not kill the tree. The bark is then used to make wine corks. The process of manufacturing wine corks results in corks and cork waste. 70% of the bark ends up as cork waste. Granulated cork is made from only the waste by-product of industrial cork production. We also buy used wine corks to grind and thereby re-cycle them.